The Arabist


Published: 25/02/2012

Here’s a piece on a topic that gets scant coverage generally speaking — the wave of protests and dissidence that has hit Saudi Arabia over the last year. Jess Hill in the Global Mail:It’s all happening in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern…

Egypt-US: Just like the old days

Published: 06/07/2009

Barack Obama’s Cairo speech — whatever you might say of his fine rhetoric on Islam and Palestine — was also, and over time might also be chiefly, a reassertion of the traditional relationship between Egypt and the United States, dropping…

Ayman Nour released

Published: 22/02/2009

The public prosecutor’s office declared a couple of hours ago that Ayman Nour would be released on medical grounds. Let’s assume – with all due respect to the integrity of the Egyptian legal system – that this is a political…

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